Eternal Mysteries

Eternal Mysteries Background Story

The events of this campaign take place ten years after the fall of the Tiefling Dynasty. Because the other races feared the return of the dynasty, surviving Tieflings were either turned into slaves with absolutely no rights as humanoids or executed on site. Because of this, Faerun’s Tiefling population has dwindled to near extinction. According to the most recent census, there are only a dozen Tieflings left in existence. Because of this the prices Tieflings fetch on the market have skyrocketed in recent months, reaching prices close to 1 Astral Diamond. With the sudden increase in the value of Tiefling slaves, slavers from around the world work tirelessly hunting for Tieflings to sell in the black market.

Recently there have been reports of travelers and merchants being attack by goblins in the area surrounding Loudwater. The Loudwater Patrol wishes to investigate this matter further, but they are unable to spare any guards to do this, so they have sent out a call to surrounding areas asking for help from adventures that are courageous enough to undergo this task.



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