Eternal Mysteries

Eternal Mysteries Session 1

Requia receives a surprise visit from her uncle who has a few surprise presents for her. Upon opening the presents she learns that she is now his daughter and an official princess in an attempt to make it to where she doesn’t need to hide inside her cloak. While they were talking, the hear the meows of a snow leopard cub. After eating several mice, the snow leopard grows to a length of three feet. Requia then decides to head to Loudwater to offer her services to the Loudwater Patrol in an attempt to find out if the reports are accurate. Naturally the snow leopard follows her to Loudwater where they almost run into Damakos quite literally.

Damakos takes them to the local tavern and gets a room so that they can talk privately. Once in their room, Damakos reveals that he is a half Tiefling slave that ran away from his mistress and that the last time he saw Requia, she was just an infant. He then asks her if she would help him remove the shock collar from around his neck. He then tells Requia that his mistress could help disguise Requia so that she could pass as a human. A hopeful Requia asks him to take her to his mistress’ house so she could ask for help after he explains how he became a slave.

Damakos takes Requia to his mistress’ house where Requia discovers that Damakos’ mistress is actually her cousin. After Requia is disguised as a human, the two of them sit down and start talking about Damakos. Requia then learns that according to Damakos’ parents’ will, he was to become either her brother or her son, but instead ended up becoming her cousin’s slave. Her cousin hands over Damakos’ contract making Requia his new mistress. Requia and Damakos then head into town to find out more about these goblins and then go investigate the validity of these reports.

Once they discover that the reports are true, they head back to Loudwater in search of the Captain. The captain then tells them to put a stop to the goblins. They then decide to get some rest and then go look for a ranger to help them track the goblins to their lair. During the night they are woken up by the snow leopard attacking a Drow assassin, so Requia tells the cub to eat the intruder, which it does enthusiastically. Once the intruder had been disposed of, Requia and Damakos go to bed together only to wake up to him playing with her. Requia gets off and falls back to sleep only to wake up to him humping her leg. She falls back to sleep and wakes up an hour later to Damakos having sex with her.

Kaji arrives in Loudwater the next day and runs into Requia and Damakos after they have spent most of the day asking different rangers if they would help them put a stop to the goblins. Kaji agrees to help them for twenty gold.

Eternal Mysteries Background Story

The events of this campaign take place ten years after the fall of the Tiefling Dynasty. Because the other races feared the return of the dynasty, surviving Tieflings were either turned into slaves with absolutely no rights as humanoids or executed on site. Because of this, Faerun’s Tiefling population has dwindled to near extinction. According to the most recent census, there are only a dozen Tieflings left in existence. Because of this the prices Tieflings fetch on the market have skyrocketed in recent months, reaching prices close to 1 Astral Diamond. With the sudden increase in the value of Tiefling slaves, slavers from around the world work tirelessly hunting for Tieflings to sell in the black market.

Recently there have been reports of travelers and merchants being attack by goblins in the area surrounding Loudwater. The Loudwater Patrol wishes to investigate this matter further, but they are unable to spare any guards to do this, so they have sent out a call to surrounding areas asking for help from adventures that are courageous enough to undergo this task.


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